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Where The Good Things Live

Where do I begin?

Let's see . I've noticed that the world is conditioned to believe that you can "be happy when...." something great happens in your life. So a lot of us spend years waiting around for something good to happen until we can even begin to experience life. Since 2015 it has been mission to teach others that you don't have to wait around for the great things to happen you just let them into your experience. Take a second to look around you and you will realize you have so many things that you take for granted even the people that are in your life. What has you caught up? Your mindset? Your relationships? Your finances? What is holding you back from truly being in the space where all the good things live? At the age of 7 we have already have instilled different habits and behaviors that start to shape our realities. Take a look at where you are now versus where you want to be. We think that we are lacking something when the truth is everything that we need is already on the inside of us we just have to learn how to activate it. We seek validation and acceptance from others as if the world owes us something!

NEWS FLASH THIS IS YOUR LIFE TO LIVE! What is no longer serving you? What areas of your life are you uncomfortable? Go from within and find those answers. What no longer feels good to you ...walk away from it. Do you know how much peace you could have if you finally let go of the familiar? I didn't learn this until a month ago, instead of doing things for myself I was doing things to please others. Your happiness always comes first. I mean after all you have to live with you for the rest of your life it might as well me where the good things live.

When I say this I mean when you wake up in the morning what are some of the first thoughts that you have? Do you think about the areas in your life that you hate or do you speak on the things that you LOVE? Do you look for the good experiences in your day? THINK ABOUT IT! You've already lived your life as if you were guaranteed another day why not make the most out of each of those days.

Listen up Queen or King ! Trust me you owe it to yourself to go out and make history. The world can no longer wait for your gifts. Their are still so many lives I have to impact and there is no way I can do that walking around being average and hiding my talents. There are souls that need to reprogram their mindset so that they can also break generational curses with me. There are those that are struggling with procrastination but if they could just overcome it they could break more generational curses. What I;m saying is don't let your mindset or the way you see things stop you from your greatness. Each day let's make a decision to become solution based and fall in love with where the goes things are.

With Love

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