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Jhene Aiko "Trip": Self Discovery In Every Aspect

Normally I never do reviews on albums, but this album align with the work that I do so I felt that it was necessary. I enjoy albums that help you learn about self discovery and the time it takes to work on yourself and transform. Growth is rarely an easy process in my opinion. It's beautiful to grow but the steps, dark thoughts, depression and releasing that it takes is not pretty. In life so many things happen and you lose your way and lose focus on where you were headed . Jhene Aiko has a beautiful song with Brandy called "Ascension". To me this song describes someone releasing all that was and getting ready for all that is. Admitting that things have to change but in the process you'll endure a deep journey. You never grow from your comfort zone.

Within these 21 songs I listen to a lot in detail with Jhene Aiko going through a divorce as well as losing her brother. Each and everyday we all have different oceans to cross and we learn a lot about ourselves with dealing with your own situations. We learn how strong we are and how to maintain and survive with what were blessed with. I appreciate this album because it doesn't focus on man bashing but it highlights FIXING YOURSELF. Admitting where we are in life and where are errors are key before we can begin our TRIP for discovery

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