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Bless Everything Around You

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend! This weekend I took time to be grateful for everything around me. No matter what a situation looks like you can change things by shifting your mind to gratitude. Gratitude changes everything around you. How high are you vibrating? Just because someone else is being negative doesn't mean you have to match that. You can still bless that situation. Once you've experienced enough negative energy you'll realize that you no longer want to experience that. You'll learn daily practices that will help you live in gratitude daily.

Sunday morning I woke up to do prayer and meditation and look around my room and home and THANK GOD for everything that he had blessed me with. I truly believe visualizing every great moment in your life helps bring about your dreams. Hold on to that positive energy when you have those good memories or dreams. Speak as if it's already yours. BLESS IT! GIVE IT LOVE! Sometimes it can seem repetitive to practice gratitude but believe me it eliminates all doubt, worry, fear, and negativity. You deserve to be blessed in area of your life !

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