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..Because No One Would Give Me An Opportunity In Media I Had To Create One

Happy Wednesday!

Let's talk about the need for more African American women that need to be displayed in the media in a positive light. Growing up the only successful women that I saw on television making her way in media was Oprah . At this point in life I didn't care for Oprah because I felt like she was just like the rest of the talk shows ..dull and boring. As I got older I understood her role in media and I begin to understand how as black women we could continue to make such a huge impact in media.

Once I started to go to school for Film Studies/Media I knew for sure that when I graduated I wanted to move to LA to get right in front of the camera and do the news or be a talk show host and I knew it would be the easiest thing in the world.

Once I started interning at one of the news stations here in Detroit I noticed how there were so many negative topics being reported on the city of Detroit and how black males were a target and a threat. I wanted to change that. I wanted something better for my race. So I decided to create a positive platform to help empower others but to also help encourage myself with exploring the route of becoming an entrepreneur. At this point of time I knew so many young and successful African Americans starting businesses and great organizations that I wanted to reach out to them and interview them to highlight some of the great things and people that we have in the city of Detroit. I was finally on the path where I had created an opportunity for myself and others.

I applied to 560 jobs in Los Angeles and never heard back from any of them. DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT TOOK ME TO WRITE THOSE COVER LETTERS AND EXPLAIN WHY THEY SHOULD HIRE ME?? But I then realized that Detroit was where I needed to be. This was the place where I could create change and I am finally doing that with the help of some many great partnerships, organizations and companies.

Creating your own opportunity is never easy but it is definitely worth once you're doing something that you love to do and you're helping others in the process.

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