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"Life Goes On"

Dating itself is a job and a half! As women, we have it bad with trying to prove our worth and trying to get men to understand why they should pick us. But I have witnessed so many happy relationships and engagements over the past year that I have snapped out of that mindset to try and prove my worth to someone. I know that was it meant for me will always be for me, SO WHY DO I NEED TO BE DEPRESSED IF SOMEONE LEAVES MY LIFE. Love has no restrictions or limits. Everything happens in the perfect season and perfect timing ... LIFE GOES ON..

Whoever you are suppose to be with, it's already written , it's already done. This person was already created for you. While in your 20's people are still learning about themselves, building themselves, having fun and some people are just not on the same page as you. Unfortunately for the old school souls this hits home because we know we want to do things the right way with love and marriage. But what is the right way? We ignore the people that love and care about us, we lie,we deceive, we disrespect each other and then feel like we can come back whenever we feel like it.. but LIFE GOES ON..

Make room for what you want to attract in your perfect partner. Spend time pouring love into

yourself. By being love for yourself that is exactly what you are attracting for yourself. Don't settle, don't accept weak excuses, don't become overwhelmed, don't become too attached BUT continue to put love FIRST

. Never hate someone for leaving you confused, used or abused.. (That rhymes) but that is not your energy to worry about. God already has a plan for you. You just need to keep that love always focused on you and be grateful for every moment... because LIFE GOES ON =)

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