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Enough Is Enough

Happy Monday!

I think we all reach those mental breaking points when we know we are fed up with getting the same results from certain situations in our lives. So how do you know? Things can easily start spiraling out of control and you can't keep anything together because it's happening so fast. With having a full time job and coaching others in my field my life sometimes can be very overwhelming. You literally have to learn more about yourself and good adjusted quick with time management.

By the time I get off work I step immediately into "Kristy Love" and zone out for about 4 hours and either sleep or try to spend time with family or friends. So who is suppose to coach and motivate you when you're motivating everyone else? The moment you think you have an off day something or someone gets thrown into your plans. I've been learning to at least take two evenings a week dedicated to something that I want to do and not something someone else wants me to do. Whether it be watching tv or reading a new book with a glass of wine.

You can't pour into everyone else and keep yourself on empty. That's when enough is enough. Taking the right amount of time for yourself is where healing from any open wounds or scars you have can be healed. Enough is enough! Sometimes you have to be selfish and turn the phone off and get what you need for your restoration.

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