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How Am I Looking For Love When In Reality I Don't Love Myself?

As women sometimes we can spend so much time pouring into others that we forget when it's time to pour into ourselves. The days can be long and nights can be draining and yes we yearn for someone else to be there to comfort us but when in reality we haven't even discovered who we are yet. We're always looking or searching for someone to make us happy or keep us company. Do you enjoy being around yourself? Do you enjoy spending time with yourself? Have you really gotten to know who you are on a personal level?

It took me about 9 months to understand myself once I moved about of my dad's house I was on my own. Just having quiet time with myself, going book shopping, picking plants, trying new foods help me discover bits and pieces of myself until I got to a point and realized that I was ok with being by myself. I date, but I take more time out for me and not over work or over think the processes of life and its habits. I had been desperately seeking to be in a relationship and now I'm just happy to wake up in the morning to love on myself. I eat healthier, plan trips, do yoga, workout, keep my apartment cleaner, read my books and have some tv time in between. I'm not in rush to see anyone or hang out with anyone because if it's for me then it will be just for me. My happiness and growth pattern comes first. The love that I need to experience needs to come from me at the moment. A man can not love you if you don't have a great love for yourself. None of us are perfect but we must learn to cater to our own needs. And taking care of yourself resembles more self


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