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Detroit The Movie

Tuesday, July 25th I was able to view the first movie premiere at the Fox Theater for the movie Detroit. “Detroit” is set during the rioting that shook the city in the summer of 1967. I have been studying on riots and cities being burned down from the 1960s movements for quite some time now so I was very interested to see the turn out for this film. This film took me in a lot of different directions and different emotions.

The cast of this movie was very talented and did an excellent job of making the scenes come to life. There is some background history that I felt was missing. If you’re not from Detroit or are not aware of the key issues of why the riots were started you may be lost. The cast included John Boyega, Will Poulter, Algee Smith, Jacob Latimore and many more!

They wasted no time with jumping right into the action within this movie! Make sure you go check out this movie , playing in select theaters this weekend. Lets chat next week about what you thought on the movie and what emotions you felt after viewing the film.

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