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What You Can Accomplish When ...

Imagine all the things that you can accomplish when you truly live out your dreams. All the things that we keep putting off until we have the money, until our kids are older, until that next check comes... it's all in perfect timing. A lot of us have constant dreams and visions about what we are truly wanting to accomplish and these visions keep up at night. That's how you know it's time to take a leap of faith and start working on the things you wish to attract for your life.

Imagine what you can accomplish when you clear out negativity and focus in on your dreams. Imagine what happens when you say a prayer , go for it and have faith that it's already done. This has been my life non stop since 2013. I made a decision to see what I could accomplish when I truly put my mind towards the efforts. You can accomplish a lot of your goals when you constantly have motivation all around you. There are times throughout my career where I have felt like I got too comfortable but I was able to go out and explore and find some motivation. Being able to pay your rent, not take that trip, having to take that outfit back, having no gas, paying all bills late while still going out to inspire others on a daily was my motivation. Despite what I was going through I still wanted to live out my dreams and motivate others because I was focused on making a difference and uplifting others who were having doubts and fears.

Imagine what you can accomplish when you focus on serving others and not just doing it for the money. You can accomplish everything when you do it out of love, dedication and passion!

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