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Happy July

Happy Sunday and welcome to my favorite month of the year! I have seriously been preparing for what God has in store for me. I have a lot on my plate and I want to make sure that I am spiritually prepared for what my assignment comes with. I am learning that it is ok to walk into a new season peacefully and with grace. A lot of times we don't expect things to end but there is room for change in your life and you have to learn how to embrace all changes.

You deserve all the peace and happiness in the world. Life is short and you were blessed with another month to make some changes within yourself so use this month to love without limits. Start setting weekly goals for yourself and then see what you have accomplished at the end of the month. Start something new, do something different, join a club, or pick up a new sport. Don't say in the house all summer stuck on the same thing.

Happy July!

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