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Mastering Self Love

No one likes to be alone but sometimes isolation is the best thing so that you can learn more about yourself. You need to learn what you do like and what you don't like. And with each new season you discover more things about yourself that you may have noticed a couple of months ago.

You are a work in progress and you are constantly improving to become a better you. What challenges do you face with developing the skill to fully love yourself? Loving yourself should come naturally but not all the time this is the case. We tend to put other peoples feelings before we think about how we actually feel. Then we become stuck in a cycle of not putting ourselves first. Soon as you start to notice this, start to take action and take some time for yourself. When you're surrounded by the same situation constantly you become wrapped up in those negative emotions that cause you to stop giving yourself the love that you deserve.

What I do to help practice self love is do challenges and exercises with myself to help increase more time with myself and mastering self love within myself. Ask yourself what areas you need help with the most and write them down and work on your challenges.

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