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Don't Be Your Own Mind Poison

Once you have a major shift in how you feel or what you think you have to make sure you stay in flow. Sometimes we express how we feel about a certain situation to our friends and family and listen to their advice or opinions. Some advice is wanted, some is not. If you are already on the road to recovery and and have a game plan stick with it!

Not everyone can tell you how to feel and what to do, it's all about what you believe. What do you feel is the right thing to do? Life can easily throw us a curve ball but it's up to us to know how to manage and handle life's challenges. What do you believe you can get over? What do you believe about your road to recovery? Stop listening to what everyone else is saying WHAT DO YOU WANT TO?

Your process is going to be different from the everyone else's so you may not be going in the same direction. If you believe that things are turning around for your good THEN THAT IS WHAT YOU BELIEVE! Nobody can stop you from manifesting your vision. Don't be your own mind poison.

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