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The With Love Show Episode 2: Why I Think It's Important To Expand On Your Ideas

I learned along time ago the importance of knowing who you are and what roads you need to follow in order to succeed. Am I still learning? Absolutely! I had to learn how to not be selfish along time ago because it is not opening the door to love , it is hindering it. We all want to make it to the top and some people will knock you our trying to get there but we all have our moments when we are suppose to arrive and we will arrive right on time. We have got to trust that! There is nothing wrong with collaborating with people to help expand on your ideas. You lack nothing. Everything you need is already inside of you. I'm fine with sharing my ideas , do you need to give the whole thing away? NO! By not helping others you hinder your growth because you FEEL that someone might get ahead of you. What's for you is strictly for you. Check out my episode of the With Love Show to find out how Jonathan Galloway is helping not only himself but others create a platform for themselves.

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