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Breaking Cycles: Is It Ok To Feel?

For years I was always involved in this love triangle. Then I started to realize do I actually really need all this BULLSHIT in my life. I think not. I am the type of female that needs to feel everything. I HATE IT! Why do I need to feel my pain or feel other pain. God I didn't ask for these problems! But in a loving way it's always good to feel but with this generation it makes you shut down completely. I can express some reasons on why people are not open to feeling :

1. Being open to your feelings allows you to be hurt. No one likes to be hurt, lied to, played with etc. But as humans we have to experience all these things in order for life to teach us its valuable lessons. No one wants to become bitter and broken. But because of our past this is what we become. Broken.

2. Nobody wants to play the fool. I've been there! Letting things slide, blocking my own happiness , pouring more into them when I needed to pour into myself. We've all been a fool for someone and we know how ugly it looks when you're playing dumb to the situation. Your friends and family talk about you and you can't discuss your thoughts or feelings with anyone. There is that word again "FEELINGS".

3. No one is willing to take a risk on love and let things play out. In reality I dont think that were suppose to be a mess when things don't work out with someone. I think we need to constantly stay strong in who we are as a whole before we connect our souls with others. But we lose ourselves so easily when we give our feelings to others. We become weak and vulnerable and then if something happens we become devastated.

So how do we turn these feelings off? Can we not do this? But wait what happens when it's actually time to fall in love? As humans and ESPECIALLY US FEMALES WE HAVE GOT TO GET A GRIP INCLUDING MYSELF =) . When can't walk around broken and bitter and complain about how every man is the same NOT TRUE. There are so many people on this planet with good and gentle souls. Yes, gentle! That are looking for the same thing. But you have got to be in tune with what you want. You have go to expect more of yourself. Don't be afraid to put you first. TAKE CONTROL. GET WHAT YOU NEED AND WANT FOR YOU. Break the cycle of feeling like you are unworthy of the perfect love because you are totally worthy of that. You have to determine what things in your life are making you unhappy and break the cycle of feeling less than what you are.

Sometimes you just have to talk it out, like what I'm doing right now. Writing is not only motivation for my readers it's motivation for myself. I am cheering myself on while typing this and it feels good. Do more things that make you happy! Pour more into yourself. Just because someone did you wrong doesn't mean you have to carry that weight . Yes it's oK to FEEL GOOD!

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