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Pouring Into You

It's so important to be able to pour into you. We give so much love and care into others that we forget that in order to be LOVE we must become the representation of love. Over the past week I was able to take some time to myself to pour into me. I needed to have that one on one time with myself. I needed to know that everything I was doing and working towards was surrounded by love. That's what helps me grow and things that I learn from.

Here is when you start to notice that the love you have for yourself is missing out of your life: You get angry easily, you allow others to control your happiness, you doubt yourself and you start to second guess. Who told you that it was ok to settle into these feelings? Don't get into that pattern. Whatever it is that takes you back to that place to loving and respecting all of you. DO JUST THAT. LOVE YOU. Sure we all have flaws what human being doesn't? But it is time that you start pouring all those loving thoughts that you try to give someone else and pour them into you. Only you can save you. So get up and look into that mirror and decide what steps that you can take to pour more into you to be the representation of love that you wish to see.

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