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Giving Birth

I'm getting ready to go into labor everyone and if you haven't figured out by now.. NO I AM NOT PREGNANT!

I am getting ready to give birth to my dreams and goals. Everything that I have been preparing for, practicing for and praying for is about to manifest. Through the many complications that you have been experiencing the past couple months your gift, your precious baby is finally on the way.

When I first got into entrepreneurship I realized that this was my baby! I would do anything to protect my child and nothing and nobody was going to harm it. This is how you have to treat your business. You have to approve everything while learning the steps of business along the way. So yes this is my first time parenting and taking all the serious steps to making my business successful.

I've been doing a lot of research and preparation for the launch of my business and now it's finally time to push. I write this article to encourage people to never rush the process behind business. Remember the purpose and reasoning behind starting a business. What's your why? What are you trying to teach others? What voids are you filling?

Things take time. You literally have to plant the seed and watch it grow. The progression I have seen within myself has been amazing. It's a great feeling when you take the time to plan things out and set goals for yourself. The outcome is truly worth it. Are you ready to push?

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