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Dear Kings and Queens : Can You Take Your Place?

Dear Kings and Queens,

I've noticed so many statuses, posts, emotions and disappointments from so many wrong doings in the black communities and majority of us only raise our voices when the issues re surface but what we don't see or maybe its that we dont want to see it is that its still happening everyday. Everyday someone I know is effected my the judicial system, the education system. poverty, health care, being killed, being robbed and the list could go on for forever. Yes we can march and protest to get our messages across but are we taking our place as Kings and Queens to fully communicate how powerful we are, How our lives matter, How we bring purpose and How we bring strength?

Let's take our place! What are we so afraid of? Why is it so hard to support our brothers and sisters in their business ventures? Why is it that sometimes we provide bad customer service? Why is that were scared to help others? We complain all day everyday about how we dont have enough money, the cost of living is too much , we can't find any jobs. ARE WE TIRED YET? Our communities are being rebuilt yet somehow we tear them back down. The investments and the changes start within our community. It's ok to get on the bandwagon of change. I listen to some many great ideas from my peers about how to make changes in the Black community but nothing ever follows up from it. By creating more programs and opportunities you can easily change a life.

You hold the power to help and make changes but are you willing to step up and take your place? Aren't you tired of feeling like being Black in America is illegal?

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