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Speaking Life and Affirming

Happy Tuesday!

Last year I realized how powerful affirmations were when I created my own personal affirmation board. I filled it with a list of goals that I wanted to accomplish for the year so that I could stay focused on my goals. By seeing and working on these affirmations I was able to complete the entire list by October 2016. I was so amazed with myself that I had to try one for this year. It's really all about what we are feeding our minds and how our energy is.

Everything that we speak and think can easily manifest. I have been practicing the art of having a positive mindset and practicing gratitude to help me improve. Waking up in the morning and saying a simple THANK YOU goes along way. You set the tone for your day. Each day you get to decide if you're going to let your circumstances run you or if you're going to rule your day. Today we have to affirm and believe that the things we are speaking into existence are already set in motion. It all just takes time to manifest. What are you willing to do today to change your mood to good to phenomenal?

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