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Pushing Past Your Limitations with Jewell Jones

We are the future and we are here to stay!

Meet a young man who is taking his place in the community not only to lead but to help find the needs in our communities. Jewell Jones, 21, is a student at University of Michigan – Dearborn while taking on the role of being the youngest ever state representative of Michigan. This is definitely not his first time making history, at age 20 became the youngest elected Inkster City Council member.

I had the pleasure of asking Jones some questions on how he got into politics at such a young age and was able to discuss with him the role he plays in our communities. Check out the details below:

How Did You Get Started With Working In Politics ?

"Parents planted the seed a long time ago, when they had me canvassing and being a poster-child for individuals and organizations that we support. However, recently, over the last couple years, my level of engagement has sky-rocketed. By talking with people from the community, and being called off the sidelines by my neighbors, I’ve had the opportunity to serve as a Council Member in the City of Inkster, and now as a State Representative at Michigan’s Capitol".

How does it feel to make history twice in the past year?

"It feels good. It’s not even the recognition that’s important, but more importantly the platform that we’ve inherited".

What’s your daily routine?

"Wake up; thank God; stretch; brush my teeth; wash my face; eat some cereal; breathe; do my running around; attend the meetings; engage in committee meetings; represent the citizens in Session; tell some jokes at receptions; learn something new; be innovative; channel my inside protester; breathe; do some more… That’s just one day – my days are ever-changing and it’s always something new".

Being a young African American male in what ways do you feel like you set the tone to be a role model and influence in your community?

"I believe, not just myself, but others have made strides in a plethora of areas in the black community. What we have to do is be more critical and communicative in our messaging. We have to get the word out, so our brothers and sisters can see people who look/act/feel/etc. like them, doing things conducive to our overall success. It’s always easy to talk, but to show someone what it looks like, and how it’s done – that’s the key".

What are the top 3 changes you are looking forward to seeing in the city of Inkster?

"So I represent 2 cities, and portions of 3 others, but looking specifically at Inkster, I look to see: (1) a more transparent and welcoming government; (2) better communication vehicles, to ensure citizens know what is available to them, as services, and what’s going on; and (3) a more robust populous. I’m happy to say that my hometown is already making pivotal strides in this direction"

What are some topics and issues in the Black community that need to be discuss and people need to be more aware of?

"We have to police ourselves. We have to unite as one. We have to show love. We have to embrace our culture. We have to change the culture. We have to set the tone. We suffer due to our conditioning and socialization in an environment that given us expectations to progress, but has lacked access to achieve these expectations".

It's honestly a great feeling knowing that are people in our community that are willing to help and listen to issues and concerns that take place in our daily lives. Never think that your dream or goal is too big to achieve . Never let people intimidate you from executing your vision. Your words and actions have power!

"What you allow will continue. Change your thinking; change your life. #HOLLA"


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