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While You're Waiting

For the past month I have received rejection letter, after rejection letter, AFTER REJECTION LETTER! After the third time any human being is going to want to beat themselves up and go eat ice cream on the couch. But do you remember your WHY? My WHY is my go to when I am filling discouraged.

I remember what God has placed in my heart. The season that I am in right now is preparing me for a great season ahead.When you remember the promises and words that God has given you, YOU STAND FIRM. NEVER GIVE UP. While you are waiting to go into your next season or waiting on the blessing that you prayed for... PRAISE AND THANK GOD like it's already done. Do you trust God and believe that he will answers your prayers if you believe in him.

Faith is a hard thing that a lot of people have trouble with. In the process of me getting closer to God I went through many tests but I also remembered the scriptures that I would read. While you are waiting just remember that what you have already asked for is already done. !

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