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Why Settle Into Your Excuses

Happy Wednesday!

The moment when I learned what the Law of Attraction was I understood that I needed to stop making excuses for myself. I now know that the power is truly in the tongue. We can claim and speak into existence our wins and our losses. Why do we settle into believing that we cant do something?

They said a black man would never be president.. WE GOT ONE. They said a man would never walk the moon ( maybe) ... but you get my point here. You may not see it now but whatever it is that you are trying to accomplish you literally have the power to do. No financial situation, disability or lack can stop you from doing what God has called you to do. Look into resources and read stories on how so many people have made the impossible happen. Do you think when you sit down with someone they want to hear the excuses you give yourself. If you are my friend you know that the word CAN'T is not in my vocabulary.

Today listen to yourself when you talk about your goals and your plans. Do you hear the excuses that you give yourseld. Now that you hear them ..DON'T SETTLE INTO THEM! Start today and just make the decision.

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