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Ci'era Blankenship is an entrepreneur and visionary who has grown to be an inspirational business woman who can guarantee positive results. In addition to that, she enjoys blogging, networking, and giving back to the community. Born in Detroit, MI, Ci'era's interests and attention to detail developed at a very young age when her grandparents would expose her to things uncommon for inner city youth. She grew to be very insightful and cultured thanks to them. Her experiences and interests led her to college where she obtained a degree in Media Arts and Technology from Michigan State University. Learning about the media field led her to pursue a freelance career as a brand consultant and graphic designer. Her interest in public image also led her to do personal styling for actresses and recording artists in addition to being the creative director behind numerous startup companies.

In 2014, Ci'era became a mother to a beautiful baby boy which was a major adjustment she had to make in slowing down her busy lifestyle. This new journey brought on many new joys, lessons learned, and a new outlook on life. After graduating with a masters degree in Spring 2016, starting a successful community engagement organization called Women Who Wine Detroit, and getting engaged, Ci'era felt that with everything life has offered her, it was only right to do what she was passionate about. Bundling all of her skills and experiences together, Her F.L.A.M.E.S, LLC was created catering to female entrepreneurs who need business and branding support and to showcase all the lifestyle features that Ci'era, women, and mothers around the world take interest in.

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