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Fashion, Music, and Culture group/ Marty Watson Introductory

Another young mogul from the D is on the rise! Detroit’s gentrification of fashion and art is on the cusp of greatness! With the help of Detroit native Marty Watson, founder of The Fashion, Culture, and Music Group, we learn to appreciate a little more indie fashion. Determined to create a fresh, new, renovated path for Detroit’s indie fashion scene, Watson launches “The Fashion, Music, and Culture Group” (FMC Group) in September 2016, that would bring together local Detroit designers and boutiques, to create a platform for all fashion lovers showcasing the hottest high fashion the D has to offer.

Since then, Watson’s success with the FMC Group has exceeded expectations. His visionaries of how inner city fashion shows should be are held at Detroit’s most prestigious contemporary art venues to give his audience life, displaying what Detroit fashion is. Premiering the FMC Group with their first event, “The Grid” fashion show, held Indie designers, urban and couture, that showcased latest hip trends. This event is a platform for talented designers as well spotlight the finest up and coming artist, hottest models, stylist and makeup artist.

Recently the FMC Group premiered a second show, held at the Level Up Gallery in downtown Detroit, December 23 2016. This segment exuded edginess, classiness, sexiness all in one piece along with the tasteful artsy venue to compliment it all. Designs from local boutiques such as Guilty pleasures boutique, PAC by Vince, Aoki, glamour fashion boutique etc, with performances to bring in Watson’s birthday celebration.

Marty Watson is on his way to making FMC Group a staple in the fashion world. Check out Krissy M’s exclusives with Mr. Watson below!

1. Your willingness to create a lane for artists and designers is amazing. What is this your position?

I am the founder and producer of The Grid Fashion Show and the G.V.O Mixer.

2. Where are you from and what do you do?

I’m from Detroit, MI. I am a creative director and visionary behind it all.

3. Have you thrown any other events?

I am have been throwing events for many years now, in Detroit, Miami, Chicago and other major cities and states.

4. What made you want to create a fashion with this much creativity?

My vision was inspired by Italian artist Vanessa Beecroft . The Grid Fashion Show was created to highlight the individual. Fashion wears many faces, the models selected for the Grid Fashion show came in various heights, sizes and ethnicity. I wanted to strait away from traditional fashion shows. The Grid Fashion Show was intended to connect with the people, it has a mind of its own and is risky and edgy.

5. Do you plan to do more fashion events?

Yes, of course! Music and fashion is my first love. I comprised tons of events and can't wait to show them to the world.

6. What could have been done differently ?

Timing, I could have done a lot of things sooner. We actually rushed production but when a show is meant to be as this one everything is falls in place. Look forward to the next show it will keep you on the edge of your seat.

"When you accept this responsibility, you have to own your role. Some of us were born to set trends, born to stand out, Some of us understand the whole world is our audience and everyday is a fashion show" - Marty Watson

Show recaps can be viewed on Marty is now seeking designers to display their work for New York fashion week 2017. Add @fash.musc.cult and @Marty_vs_Adonis to find out more info!

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