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Why Everyone Can't Know Your Goals for 2017

Happy Monday!

Have you ever had a couple of conversations with someone about your situation and then you always second guess yourself about coming to tell your business? Same! Not only am I over protective with my personal life I am over protective of my goals and dreams. WITH EVERYTHING PLEASE GUARD IT!

A lot times we feel like we need to brag about our goals and plans on social media but it is the biggest way for people to still your ideas and try and take your joy. Every move doesn't have to be announced! We need time to plan, structure and discipline yourself to accomplish these goals. No one will ever be able to steal your exact vision but they can take away your idea. When we find out that someone has stolen our idea a lot of us feel defeated. This carries on to feeling like you're not good enough to accomplish your goals. That's why you can't tell everybody everything.

Write your goals down and start working on the ways that you would like to execute them. THEN EXECUTE. No one try to give an opinion about your goals and dreams if you keep them out of your business.

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