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Growth Never Comes From Comfort Zones

The year is coming to and end and a lot of us are still complaining about the stuff we wanted to do last year. Now is the time to take some time and ask yourself, am I really still stuck in this place because of me? The answer is YES. Every year and every day we have a personal choice to make. To live out our dreams or watch the years pass you by. Shake off the limited thoughts mindset for once and LIVE! How much longer will you live in fear of what other people will think, how much it's going to cost or taking the safe route? Growth never comes from a comfort zone! It's time you start thinking outside of the box and doing something that scares you.

We take risks on so many other things in our lives that we never just step up and take risks on ourselves. We'll believe someone that lies to us over and over again and not believe in our come up. Clear your head and decide what it is that you want! GET SERIOUS IN 2017! Make the people that closed the doors on you regret their decision.

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