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You Want Better.. But You Wont Take The Steps To Do Better?

Kings and Queens!

Why is it that we talk all day about wanting to live a better life but we wont make the personal investment to reap a better life for ourselves?

Since I have became of life coach I get tons of emails of how people want to start living a better life , they want to do the work and they are tired of struggling. So I offer to help but when it is time to do the work they disappear. And maybe they don't need a life coach or maybe they are not ready to experience growth and change in their life. Growth is uncomfortable. So being mad all the time, complaining and worrying feels easier to some people. Its comfort.

God doesn't place us to grow in a space where comfort is allowed. He wants to know if you are ready to trust him or not. YOU WANT BETTER BUT YOU DON'T WANT TO DO THE WORK! That doesn't work. Place in front of you a piece a paper and write down the things in your life that have been causing you the most problems. How do you change? How can it get better? If you are tired of the same routine it is time for you to make the change. Every day here on earth is not made for you to complain, be depressed, stressed, crying or worrying. LIVE! Inspire people. Don't you get tired of you always needing help or motivation? Dig inside of that soul of yours and get to the bottom of it. The change is within you.

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