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Compete With Who?

I know so many beautiful Queens in my field that have the same dream as me but all of us have different visions. I created my own lane for a reason. As a child I always knew that I was talented in many different things I just didn't know how to express it. So I began to read more and studied on how to create my legacy and how to keep my life at balance.

Two months ago I was at an event and someone told me they had a client that wanted to be like me. And I was flattered but at the same time I was crushed because I want people to be inspired by others but never an exact copy. I am inspired by Oprah but I don't want to be like her because she has her own light that she needs to carry and is still carrying through this earth.

God created all of us with different visions and different roads that we have to go through in life. The universe is so big that there is enough room for all of us to obtain what we want. This is why I never see anything as a competition with anyone. I need to find my own light and build my own legacy I am so happy for those who become inspired by my story and success. I try to give as many tips and advice to those because I enjoy helping others and I know that nothing can ever be stolen from me. Creating a stolen idea will never succeed. I am grateful to know the women in my field and always congratulate them on their success! And you should to. No one is better than anyone. REMEMBER THAT.

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