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Managing Your Time

Since I started my own brand, my schedule has always been all over the place. But I am always reminded by this saying " DO THE WORK" . If you don't do the work then you won't see the results. In the first couple of years of developing your brand and business you are going to be extremely busy because you'll be doing all the work. When I first started I had school, part time job, internships and creating my brand. But I loved every minute of it because it kept me busy and on track with my goals. There are some nights that I wanted to go to sleep but here are 3 THINGS that I remembered.

1. I WANT THIS MORE THAN ANYTHING. I needed to build my portfolio. I needed to become more creative and develop certain skills in order to learn how to manage my brand.

2. I always remember the people that watch and read my interviews and blogs. There is always a message in your story that someone needs to hear. It's not always about you. Your story and your success inspires other people.

3. Set a schedule for yourself. Get a calendar or board to help you remember to post and to do work on your business or brand. The fact that you are not where you want to be should motivate you enough. DO THE WORK!

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