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Dear Kings and Queens: Will You Vote?

Good Morning Kings and Queens,

For years I have sat and had discussions with many people about their thoughts and feelings on why you should and should not vote. This blog is not my person opinion I'm just looking at what I have observed.

Specifically black people see that this country is a joke. It seems if they take our opinions,thoughts and movements as a joke. Our education system, justice system and just human right laws all around have not been taken into consideration. There are thousands of people who feel like there vote does not count in any way so WHY DOES IT MATTER? Especially seeming how we have two candidates running for president that are speaking about great issues but don't have a clear plan of the plans will be executed. Right now we are just hoping that our voices are heard and that the mistakes that have been made in the past our corrected. Is it every man for himself at this point?

Unemployment for black people has been roughly twice that of white Americans since 1963, the year of the March on Washington. And black people continue to be shot and killed by police at disproportionate rates while the cops who kill them are rarely prosecuted. This week I will exercise my right to vote, whether it makes a difference or not in my heart I know that I have tried to make a stand for my rights and my ancestors. Doesn't matter what decision you decide to make, make sure you make the decision to continue to do something more than just protest about the issues going on in the black community. Voting could be another avenue to let your voice be heard.

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