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Soulful Sundays

What are you willing to let go of today?

Since this month started what has been holding you back from you living out your fullest potential. As we go into a new month and get closer to a new year there is certain energy and things that we should be shedding from our lives. You might be carrying something that you have been meaning to let go since the beginning of this year but you are not sue how you will do so. Remember that you must feed your soul good things.

Why are you continuously doing things and holding on to things that only make you feel good for less than 24 hours. You only get one life to live and I must say it is too short to waste it on people and things that don't feed your soul the right intentions. So every Sunday is dedicated to getting rid of those toxic things, but the problem is CAN YOU STICK WITH IT? Can you allow yourself some happiness to truly know that you deserve nothing but the best for yourself? Think about it.

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