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Universal Law of Harmony

What the Law of Harmony breaks down:

  1. All that is emitted acts, reacts and returns

  2. All that is attacked defends itself

  3. All that pleases is accepted

  4. Only love can transform the beast in men

  5. Only comprehension prevents destruction

  6. Situations have to be managed as opposed to them managing us

  7. The example is the best teacher

  8. The law of harmony is superior in hierarchy to the law of nature. Therefore, it manages more information and processes in the universe. Nevertheless, nature lives in harmony but not in peace

  9. It enables the coordinated operation of the universe.

Here are some things that we attract when following and practicing this law:

  • Value and love what we have and do

  • Respect of all beings in the universe

  • Love our enemies as thyself

  • Think positive and be happy

  • Adapt to the characteristics and circumstances of where we are

  • Not be affected by life events.

  • Be tolerant, kind, friendly

  • Have good relationships and socialize

  • Make agreements

  • Generate and communicate feelings of pleasure, beauty and aesthetics

  • Give satisfaction

  • Choose consciously to eliminate trauma and limitations

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