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Dear Kings and Queens: Why Won't You Grow?

Happy Monday Morning,

How good does it feel to be able to be here another week striving and working on what you want to accomplish? Are you not doing that? If not, why haven't you started?

Every day most of us go into work hating our jobs yet we do nothing about it and nothing to change it because we don't want to accept growth and change in our lives. Have you ever sat and realized that every night we go to sleep expecting to wake up in the morning, but we don't realize another day is not promised to us. So, why won't you grow?

Is it because you're scared of what people might think of you? Are you comfortable where you're at? God is going to make you uncomfortable when he wants you to grow. Growth and change can go hand in hand. Be open to your growth. You have to constantly work on developing who you are as a person. Every day you are changing. Your thoughts are changing, your mind is changing and your heart is changing. Look into your heart today and figure out what is holding you back from growing. You're worth so much more than average life. You were meant to live. So, Why Won't You Grow?

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