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Listen Carefully, Like Attracts Like

I once watched a video that gave me a different aspect of the way I view and handle things in my own life. The man speaking on the video said when you say " I am broke" the universe listens to what you're saying and responds with that answer. So you'll remain what you believe in. Ever since I listened to that video I am constantly reminded how powerful our words are. You would be surprised how many negative things you can say to yourself in a day. The devil will literally try and fill your mind with doubt and fear to make you believe that you lack something. There is a book that I love to go back to read called " Change your words , Change your life" by Joyce Meyer. My favorite topic that she touches on is " How to Tame Your Tongue". There is so much power in the tongue. You can speak yourself into a miracle or you can speak yourself into depression. So today think of how you talk to yourself? How do you speak around others? Have an accountability partner to help navigate those negative thoughts before you even start to believe them! Listen when your energy is not at its highest. Have a great week!

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