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National Gratitude Day

Today might be one of my favorite days! It's Gratitude Day! I am so big on focusing on the positive and looking around you and being grateful for the season that you are in now. I truly believe practicing gratitude can heal you in places that you were once hurting in. Gratitude can increase your happiness. Just simply look around at all that you have. Do you have home? Job? Car? Family? Good Health? The fact that your heart is still beating while reading this blog or that you even have eyes to see! Everyday we take so much for granted and complain about our conditions. Do you thank God when you wake up in the morning? I know that yesterday was a little intense for alot of us because of so much going on in the Black communicant but today I am choosing to use that energy to uplift and empower! Today, for those who have a gratitude journal write out your gratitude list for the week. Readjust that negative energy that you have been experiencing. Don;t always notice how blessed you are when you see the misfortunes of others to realize how grateful you are. Express your gratitude today!

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