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Dear Kings and Queens: Love

Dear Kings and Queens,

Were created from so much love yet in our race we tend to not realize the value that it holds value in the black community. Have we tried that yet? Have we tried to embrace the fact on love. To love what we were blessed with, to love how talented we are, how smart we are, to love the skin were in! But most importantly to love each other. Love your Queens and women Love your Kings. Remember not all of us were born perfect. Some of us grow up faster than others and some of us have to go through things in order to grow through our life lessons. Stay connected with one another. Kings please respect your Queens. Show her why it's so important to love. Love can bring our communities back together. Love can accomplish some great things. Love is not something you should fear. It's the people that abuse the love. Keep the people in your life that show you what the true meaning of love is.

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