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New Music Tuesday: The Mouth of The Midwest Does It Again

Detroit's very own Dj Main Event is back at it again with another #MainEventMix and this makes it volume 10 .

When I tell y'all … this mix came out just in time for the first week of classes , weekend pregaming, and that back to school work out for those getting in shape for the fall .

While listening to this mix that last for about 39 minutes, you get to hear some of the hottest tracks from artist like Future , 2Chainz , Lil Uzi Vert , and D.R.A.M . Dj Main Event even dropped some of Detroit's favorite hip hop artist MCityJ.R. and BangGang Lonnie singles on “The Back to Skool “ mix volume 10 as well.

While chatting with DjMainEvent last week I told him that the streets was waiting on a new mix and he told me “ I'm working on something “ one week later he came through and delivered nothing but complete bangers on volume 10.

If I had to rate this mix on a scale of 1-5 I would give it 5 ,simply because it kept me hype the entire time I was listening to it .

Make sure you check out the mix yourself and don't forget to follow DjMainEvent to keep up with event in the city where he'll be on the 1’s and 2’s rocking the crowd for sure !!!

Click Below To Hear :

#MainEventMix Vol.10 “BackToSkool”

Instagram : @DjMainEvent_

Twitter : @DjMainEvent_

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