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Summer's Over and You're Drained

Have you been feeling sluggish after a long summer of fun and excitement? Well here are some of your favorite fruits, that can get you back energized and in the groove for this holiday season.

1. Add Lemon to your water

It is a proven fact that lemon water not only boosts your energy, but your mood as well. They're great for your skin and helps you shed a couple of unwanted pounds you may have gained over the summer.

2. Eat a few Strawberries

Strawberries are known to help blood flow through the body, promote eye health, and helps fight cancer!

3. Like Pineapples?

Pineapples will help in keeping your immune system in tact as the weather changes, it promotes thicker hair, and it's a natural cure for rough chapped lips.

4. Good ole' Orange

If you didn't know, oranges help aid in healthy teeth and bones, they fight infections, and protects your kidneys from all of that drinking that may have taken place over the summer.

These fruits will have you feeling like a new person again. Adding a light workout as well, will give you some pretty amazing results. Let's get healthy together so we can have an amazing summer for 2017 as well!

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