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Renewal Sunday

There will always come a time when it is time to let go of the past. Your past will always be your past and there is nothing you can do to change that. Sometimes the people that are around you are not always the problem sometimes there is something going on inside of you. Your past behaviors can sometimes have a huge effect in your presence. We must accept the past for what it is and continue to grow. The lack of love in the past doesn't mean lack of love in the future. GROW! Everyday we wake up we have to understand that it is a new day for us to grow, learn and heal. The healing process is always the first step to making a change and growing into it. Sometimes things have to fall apart in order for them to be put back together. Get to the root of every situation. DO THE WORK! Take time to renew your mind and your spirit. Always make sure you are mentally and physically healthy. What you feed your soul is so important! Will you feed your soul with love or will you continue to live in fear and rejection?

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