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Why I Started My Business

There is always a purpose behind everything we do whether we recognize it or not. The whole reason I wanted to start my business is because I was tired of being rejected my companies. I knew I was good enough to do certain jobs! I wanted to create an opportunity not only for myself but for others who felt the same one. We all were put here to tell our stories and I wanted to make sure that I got the opportunity to help people tell their story. I was tired of sitting on ideas and realized I need to go ahead and invest in my future. There is no right or wrong way to start a business you simply just have to start taking actions on your vision. I was so motivated by other entrepreneurs and their stories that I wanted to create my own story and be able to share it with my followers.

Another reason I started my own business was to learn how to create my own economic wealth. I wanted to build as a African American female and I've always wanted more for myself. I wanted to see how far my vision could go and so far it continues to succeed and prosper! If you don't follow your dreams you will sit on your ideas for the rest of your life and wonder where the time went. I wanted something for myself! Never think your dreams are too big! Your thoughts are limitless, your company or brand can be worth more than money, it can offer happiness, joy and peace of mind for someone!

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