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Learning To Have Sunshine On Your Cloudy Day

Yesterday it rained all morning! That's kind of a hard thing to wake up to if you're use to waking up to the sun shining every morning. If you're like me then the sun really effects your energy. I feel like all my greatest energy comes from the sun. Helps put me in a better mood to truly be grateful for everything around me . Today, when I woke up the sun wasn't shining. I automatically knew I had to do something else to find my greatest energy and set my own mood for the day.

The next step I took was deciding to read, meditate and do yoga! Realign yourself with positive thinking. AFFIRMATIONS ARE ALWAYS KEY IN THE SITUATION. It's simply a matter and taking a deep breath and learning not to panic before your day gets started. What intentions have you set for your day? What is it that you want to experience from centering yourself and finding today's joy. That's where all your focus should go. Not on why it's a bad day or why you're feeling this way. HOW DO YOU WANT TO FEEL? I personally cannot afford to sit and drown in negativity. I recently watched a video that said the only way you have negative thoughts is by categorizing them. Your thoughts are your thoughts. Shake off whatever is holding you down. Look at the happiness around you. Notice what you are grateful for and what you can get rid of. Clear your mind. You can't focus on your sunshine if you have cloudy thoughts. Find your happiness despite of what it looks like on the outside. Be your own sunshine!

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