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Why It's So Important To Read

Reading is fundamental but we must learn how to apply it.

I honestly hated reading when I first got to college but the issue was I couldn't find anything worth reading. Another thing was I felt like I didn't have enough time to read. But the thing was I wasn't willing to learn new things. I stuck with the education system and whatever books they gave me to read. The moment I started reading things that I was interested in the more I learned how I need to apply it to my daily life.

The books that I am interested in are books about self empowerment, history, and meditation books. These are some lessons and principles that I have learned and applied to my life that help me to start my website and my media business. What I read I take it and apply it to my daily life. I hope that my messages and videos continue to reach others.

The education system is broken. It does not prepare you for college or getting a job after college. Self education is better. Research and be willing to discover what is that you need to live. Not just survive but to LIVE. Be a thinker, teacher, leader or healer. Create your own lanes and opportunities. No one said that you have to work for somebody for the rest of your life. You can start your own business. But don't you dare think that by not teaching yourself what you need to know you can easily succeed. TEACH YOURSELF. GO THE EXTRA MILE. Step outside the box, explore new topics, new teachings and remain open. Reading is fundamental only if you apply it.

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