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Ready For August?

Have you set out your business plan or just personal goals that you have for yourself this month? Are you ready mentally and spiritually prepared for all the energy and issues that you might receive this month?

I didn't think so. Take some time today and get clear in your mind what it is that you are willing to for this month to lead you into success. Setting goals for yourself is so important and so healthy for you. It keeps you focused and gives you a balance in life. I'll give you some tips on how I get ready for the new month.

1. Turn off your phone and other media that might be a distraction for you. Spend some time with yourself to see what it is that you need to do accomplish for the month. Grab your journal and start writing things out. What are things you're looking forward to this month? How are you visualizing it happen? And do you believe it can happen?

2. Exercise. I usually do some type of meditation or yoga just to relax and still my mind and body. You owe it to yourself to be healthy and take care of your body.

3. Finally, take action on the things you wish to see manifest this month. You owe it to yourself to be prosperous. You deserve everything that you imagine. Put yourself into the position to win. Invest in yourself and take chances.

If I told you that tomorrow was your last day on earth would you honestly say that you lived your life the way you wanted. START today and LIVE! Happy August.

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