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Why It's Important To Love

What I learned about love is so powerful. Both men and women hear this all the time "Men ain't sh*t" or " All women are the same". NOT TRUE. If you are one of the people that think this way its time to change your mindset.

I don't know if anyone told you this but I've heard it several times " You date who you attract". Sometimes you have to look inside your heart and examine what you're looking for. Love is like a boomerang you get what you put out. The past 24 days I have been so big on focusing on the positive force of love. Nothing else. No matter what issues I may have with whoever I might be dating I have been focusing on just love. And not just loving the person but loving things around me. Loving God,loving my job, my family, my health. OPERATE ON THE FORCE OF LOVE. Don't watch or listen to things that can stir you away from the positive force of love.

Appreciate your spouse or partner for who they are. Don't ever try to change someone. It just shows you don't love them. Growth is a process we all have to do on our own. Love people for the time that they are here in your life. It's ok if they aren't meant to stay. They helped you get to the next chapter a life. They served their purpose. Fall in love with yourself. Learn to be alone. How can you expect someone to love you if you can't even love yourself. You have to give love out and order to receive it. And I know its a scary process for some of us but life is all about taking chances.

Change your thoughts of love. Love is faithful and kind. Remember that. Fall in love with ideas, opportunities and growth. BUT NEVER SETTLE. You know what kind of love you have to offer. Own it. The love that you have to give to this world is so valuable.

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