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No Matter What It Looks Like

How many have found trusting God a hard process ? You are not alone.

When something seems to be going wrong all we can do is look at how bad it looks. But the view that I take is looking at where God is about to place me. God has to take you through a season to test your faith. Will you trust him in this season? No matter what it looks like we have to stay content in our season. Every season I'm grateful for because God is taking me higher. He's teaching me patience and faith.

So what's the easiest way to look at the better picture? Trusting God. How can you have faith in him if you don't trust his plan for your life. Remember they are not your plans, there his. Not my will be done but yours. Surrender your life order to him and believe in him to do exceedingly and abundant things. See the bigger picture. Maybe God didn't give you the job because it was bad timing or you wouldn't fit in that company. God always has better for you so if you're denied something get excited because your greater is coming! Get excited about your future and where God is about to place you.

No Matter What It Looks Like... Trust God. Put Faith in God and receive his word and promises. It's time to put more trust in God than we put in man. Be grateful for this season because you're going higher.

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