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Turning 25

This entire year I was stressed because I was on the brink of turning 25 and the image that I had for me turning 25 was not in motion. Yes, I graduated but I pictured myself getting married right after college. So now that I am 25 and I'm nowhere near getting married.

Honestly ever since I took a trip to LA 2 weeks I've come back with such a positive attitude. Blessings have been falling out of the sky for me. I simply stop complaining and letting God work on all my situations. I went deep in prayer and let God know all my issues. The next week I was hired into a full time position. For two years I struggled with holding a part time job and wanting to quit everyday. But now I understand that God had to hold me in that position and build up my patience.

I've learn to try new things in the past week and just learn to trust God and his timing for everything. I have been receiving more job call backs in my field as well! I plan on keeping my thought aligned with righteous thoughts. Always think before you speak. Our thoughts and words are really powerful. I know for sure I spoke life to have the most amazing experience with turning 25. I didn't like the position I was in so I changed it. It was as simple as that !

Thank you to everyone who celebrated with me. Ladies remember you are a queen . You are the prize. Take care of your heart, health, skin and your hair. Sounds fun but its true! Take care of what's going on in the inside. Then everything will begin to manifest on the outside.

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