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Being Natural

Being a natural has been such an exciting journey for me!

It has now been 3 years and I can’t believe how much this process has affected my life.

To be honest I can sometime be super lazy when it comes to styling all this kinkinest on top of my head , so I'll wear a wig or get my hair braided.

Being natural has allowed me to express myself and learn how to become even more confident as a young African American women .

Below are a few tips that has helped me during my natural hair journey.

  • Get yourself a vent brushhoney !!!

  • Purchase lots of conditioner

  • Keep heat out of your hair . Heat is not your friend for this journey.

Lots of people do BIG CHOPS but you my friend do not have to do a big chop to start the process.

  • Get your hair trimmed every 3-6 months(me personallyI usually wait to the growing moon to trim my ends ).

  • Coconut oil is EVERYTHING .

  • Use a bonnet or scarf that is silky to protect your hair at night .

  • Do not color your hair if you are not going to take EXTRA care of it.


  • I’ve been through lots of different hair products and I'm still searching for more .

  • Don't get caught in the hype of purchasing name brand products I've bought some off brand hair products that have worked better than the big name brand ones.

Lastly , be patient with your hair , when comes to natural hair I've learned that consistency is key !!! Keep trying & you'll eventully see the improvement you want to see with your hair.

Ps: Be on the lookout for more natural hair blogs from me!

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