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California Love

So this past weekend I had the lovely opportunity of visiting LA. My experience there was amazing. Many of you know that my dream is to move to LA and start my career. Many of my peers have the same dream because its great for the entertainment industry. However, the move is not the easiest thing to do. As we all know the cost of living is extremely high, is it worth it? Absolutely. In my opinion, LA is a city where dreams come true. You can definitely it is a city of hustle and bustle and only the strong can survive. If you're not ready to move out with just a dollar and a dream I suggest saving at least 3,000-5,000 in the bank. If you're the type of person that needs security of course.

The vibes and the atmosphere is totally different and the people that I met were way friendlier than people in Michigan. Everyone had a story to tell and everyone was more than willing to tell you their story. If you're thinking about moving and you have complete faith that you want to take your career to the next level I would def say go for it! The future holds great things for you!

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