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No text back..Now what?

I run into this problem so much! So you guys broke up, got into it or you're interested in a conservation right? But he doesn't text back? Now normally for me it would be time to do a drive by but luckily ladies we have matured and become stronger queens! No matter what you have done , if you approach a situation with kindness THAT SHOULD BE ENOUGH! Queen, you don't have to text back a second time. As young queens we have to take full responsibility for knowing our worth. You are a prize. You are a work in progress and so is the male. There's no need for male bashing either. Unfortunately, that situation didn't work out. Some of us grow up more than others.

The best thing to do is move forward. Know that whoever God has for you, will be just for you. You'll never have to beg or force anything. Don't be afraid to block that number or not answer that response back. You have to do what makes your heart feel good. And let's be real texting someone and not getting a reply back is a slap in the face. Queen, hold your head up and know that the man that God has for you will have great communication with you so there is no confusion. YOU MATTER. YOU HOLD POWER. So continue being great with everything you do. There is no need to get even or have resentment. Release and be at peace.

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