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How Bad Do You Want It?

How many days do you sit around and have a conversation with your friends about how YOU WISH YOU HAD MONEY, YOU WISH YOU COULD DO THIS AND THAT? We all have, however there is a difference in some of us. There are those who actually go out and do the those things and then some that sit and wait on the opportunity to come and play it safe. THERE IS NO PLAYING IT SAFE! It's time to wake up and realize that our country is building an entire population of entrepreneurs. Its time to take our freedom back! Take the shackles off your mind and realize that you don't have to be another statistic. If you want to see some different results you have to do some different things. Being meek isn't going to cut it anymore . I'm sorry. You deserve all the happiness that life has to offer you. How bad do you want it?

Many of us go back and forth everyday and complain about the same things. Yet , we do nothing to change them but complain. Yes getting up and going to work everyday to a job you hate is pretty bad. But what are you doing to change it? What do you want to do ? Whatever makes you happy, DO MORE OF THAT! No time is ever going to be the right time but your time is passing by. Research, learn, explore and NETWORK!! For goodness sake you owe it to yourself to step outside your comfort zone and start a new life. How bad do you want it?

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