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Women's Empowerment Expo

Tuesday evening , the room filled up with tons of women that were ready to be empowered by some of the city's hardest working entrepreneurs . With panelists such as: Media Personality Paigion, Artist La'Britney Head Publicist of the Bee Agency Brittni Brown and many others! The panelists discussed how they got started with becoming a female entrepreneur and having balance while maintaining brand or business. The panelists shared great advice with their audience and also great tips on how to handle being a female entrepreneur.

This is truly the year that female entrepreneurs are stepping up and taking their place in society and we are here to stay. Every morning we wake up ready to conquer the world and dominate and we must do it all with sophistication and class. The award for Woman of the year was presented to Council Woman Mary Sheffield who gave an amazing speech on uplifting our young women and setting a great example! Interviews and behind the scenes footage will be posted next week! You guys stay tuned !

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